What Makes Royal Gates Homes In Kitengela Unique?

Is it not a dream for many of us to find a quality house and move in with our family? Yet many of us will agree this isn’t an easy task at all. With the many varied options available all flaunting this feature or the other – it makes it even harder to zero-in on the most suitable choice for you.

Even though the qualities of a good home vary amongst individuals, a well built house, a perfect location, and the right pricing to march it all are indispensable. At Cheriez Properties, we believe we have built a home that perfectly remains faithful to most if not all the qualities you truly care about.

Have you heard of Royal Gates in Acacia Kitengela? Well, it is the ultimate answer for all those looking for their dream home right now. Herein, we will show you what we think makes Royal Gates estate in Kitengela the place for you.

Royal Gates in Acacia Kitengela

But before that, here are a few things you may want to know about Royal Gate Kitengela. 

About Royal Gates Kitengela

Royal Gates estate is a vibrant gated community comprising of 4 bedroom townhouses, each with a detached SQ, a private garden among other amazing features such as;

  • A fully fitted kitchen
  • Exquisite finishes
  • Swimming pool
  • A well equipped gym
  • Kids play area, – just to name a few

In Acacia Kitengela Royal Gates is the second gated community developed by Cheriez Properties following the successful completion of Royal Finesse Homes located right opposite Royal Gates estate along Namanga Road in Kitengela.

Here is why we believe Royal Gates Kitengela is the place to call home;

1. World-class Finishing

At Cheriez Properties we believe it is the little things that matter, and they truly should. Why you ask? The answer is actually simple. We always challenge all our customers to ask themselves this important question; if they cared this much for the minutest of detail then how much attention did they give to the foundational aspects that make a great HOUSE. This is our philosophy. We build HOMES worthy of falling in love with. 

For Royal Gates, we have gone the extra mile to bring arguably the most exquisite designs to your home. Our classic Cheriez Properties touch can be seen on our choice of kitchen tops, water sinks, bathroom flooring and the amazing gypsum ceiling finish !

Living Lounge Royal Gates Kitengela

We feel it is truly magical, and you have to visit these houses for sale in Kitengela, check out the show house to truly feel the quality. And by the way, the Show House is always open every day.

2. Proximity To Major Amenities

Royal Gates estate in Acacia Kitengela is far enough from Nairobi CBD to avoid all the noise and chaos but close enough to ensure you have the access to everything the capital has to offer. This has always been the beauty of buying a house in Kitengela. You get to enjoy the best of both worlds wihout any major compromises unlike most other locations in Nairobi.

Here, you will enjoy the peaceful silence from your Master bedroom balcony, the greenery and natural beauty of Kitengela without the worry of being far away from your workplace and business meetings in Nairobi city. Every thing is just a few minutes away.

3. Built for Family

This is not just another house for you, this is a home where you will spend your productive years in, make memories and raise a family. Every single detail, the rooms, finishing and all the spaces reflect this concept; a home built with family in mind for family.

Each of these homes for sale in Kitengela has four spacious bedrooms designed to excellence because we believe at home you must never run out of options, whether raising a big beautiful family or you simply host regularly.

The family room upstairs keeps the family norms running uninterrupted regardless of what is happening downstairs. Perhaps you have guests in the living area but the kids want to catch up on their favorite TV shows – and you know kids, they want it when they want it, the family room is your answer. You are welcome !

Family Room Royal Gates Kitengela

4. Flexible Payment Options

We are flexible and we value our customers. We have learnt many beautiful things from our successful Royal Finesse project like the importance of establishing a long term relationship with our customers. Our objective, really, at the end of the day is to put a smile on your family’s face, to know that we played a role in helping them realize their dream of owning a home.

This is why we have friendly and flexible payment options based on your unique circumstances. At Cheriez properties, we are experienced in real estate in Nairobi with experts ready to help and advise you on the best financing options available for you. It is not just about selling a house, it is ensuring you are better, successful and happier in the end. This defines our entire sales process.

Royal Gates homes are now selling at KES 16M – but with just a 20% down-payment you will be ready to begin your home ownership journey.

Karibu Royal Gates in Acacia Kitengela, the place to call HOME.

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