Recreational spaces and facilities in Kitengela

With two amazing housing projects in Kitengela, first the sold out Royal Finesse and now Royal Gates Kitengela – we like to believe we know Kitengela better than most people would ever claim. Whether you have just bought your Royal Gates home, just visiting or are new in Kitengela, knowing the social spaces for fun and entertainment can come in really handy. Read on to find out some of the best places to relax and unwind in and around Kitengela.

  1. Swimming

Are you a family that loves bonding while swimming? Or do you enjoy swimming with friends as you catch up? Well Kitengela is not short of places you can have a great afternoon swim or whichever time you prefer. Swimming is offered both in hotels and kids amusement parks. Some of the hotels include; Rosewall, Kaputiei Safariland hotel, Galaxy hotel, Sandalwood hotels, and many more. Amusement parks include; GMC place, among others.

2. Fast foods and cocktails

Kitengela hosts several joints that offer the best fast foods, from pizzas to burgers and accompaniments such as milkshakes. This is a great opportunity to eat out every once in a while with the kids as you enjoy the convenience Kitengela has to offer. Fast food joints in Kitengela include; Pizza Inn, Chicken Inn, Creamy Inn located next to Rubis Petrol station, formerly Kobil petrol station.

3. Kitengela mall

Kitengela mall is a host to various brands for shopping, eating out, strolling and just chilling. The famous Artcaffe is situated in the mall, Baus optical, Naivas supermarket among other big brands.

4. Scoops Ke and Su Cakes and Dusty grill

These are located in Yukos along Namanga Road, serving cakes, milkshakes, ice cream, cocktails, burgers, pizzas, and fast food. They also offer an ambient environment for a chill spot.

5. Wildlife

Kitengela offers three great places for you to watch and enjoy with family among wildlife and nature; Kitengela Game Conservation Area, home to the Maasai giraffe, tortoise, warthog, zebra, and many more wild animals. Nairobi National Park, located approximately 28km away from Kitengela, is the only park next to a city in the world. It is also home to a large number of wild animals. In the outskirts of Kitengela is the Maasai Ostrich Farm, a home for ostriches where you can get ostrich rides and delicious meals as you enjoy the day.

6. Nightlife and partying

Kitengela has the hottest, latest clubs in the city and located conveniently allowing you to hop from one club to another as the night drags on. The clubs are located in the Yukos area.

They include; Club Enkare known for its rhumba music and nyama choma, Pavillion XV lounge, Halcyon bar & grill and lastly, Club 034.

7. Road trip

There are really few things more beautiful than slow music, a smooth ride and your family in the same car as you cruise along a quiet road enjoying the beautiful scenery. Namanga Road is one of the finest roads to have a road trip on since you can go up to Namanga town, the Kenya – Tanzania border town. It only takes two hours. Along the road, there is nothing but great beauty and a nice time.

8. Kids fun

Kitengela town has great destinations that offer great fun activities for kids such as trampolines, bouncing castles, small car rides, swimming, curassow and swings. Other facilities offer video games for the kids and sometimes young adults.

These joints include; Funland Amusement Park, Infinite Fun game Hub, GMC Fun Place and Olympus Game Hub.

9. Honourable mentions

Some honourable mentions are the numerous hotels and resorts in and around Kitengela like Nkasiri Adventure Park, Green Lounge, Hotel Nomad Kitengela, 67 Athi hotel, Wammys hotel, Leleshwa getaway and Galaxy resort. There is also the Kitengela Market, where you can do your shopping for fresh produce and get to experience the best of what Kitengela has to offer. In the outskirts of Kitengela just 25km in Kisaju is Fred’s ranch, owned by the famous Radio personality Fred Machoka. You get to experience the whole ranch life in the presence of cowboys and girls.

Kitengela is the place to be, and Royal Gates in Kitengela gives you the opportunity to be apart of this vibrant modern community. A place to call home.

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