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Why Kitengela is the best place to own a home around Nairobi?

In the last few years, Kitengela has emerged to be one of the finest places to own a home around Nairobi. And we know this for a fact because we, as Cheriez Properties, have contributed a great deal in turning this lovely town into a comfortable destination for many with our two gated communities Royal Gates Kitengela and the sold-out Royal Finesse both in Acacia Kitengela.

Kitengela gives you a home and offers you countless business opportunities being a rapidly developing town – offering unique chances to those ready to seize the moment. Kitengela, as locals say, gives you the best of both worlds; a comfortable peaceful life away from Nairobi and at the same time an easier access to Nairobi for those working in the city.

Kitengela is a serene cosmopolitan town located some 30KM south of Nairobi City center and also forms part of the ever expanding Nairobi metropolitan Area. It is a developing town with a guaranteed growth potential making it a foremost hub of gated community houses for sale in Nairobi area.

In as such Cheriez Properties offers you a marvelous opportunity with Royal Gates Estate Kitengela to own a home in an area where all the action and more is happening.

Here is why you need to own a home in Kitengela and more so our Royal Gates houses for sale in Acacia Kitengela;

  1. Infrastructure

Kitengela is close to Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) which allows you to jet in and out for both domestic and international flights easily. Its proximity to Nairobi has been made easier with the development of the Nairobi Expressway from Mlolongo to Waiyaki Way allowing easier accessibility of the Nairobi CBD and still enjoy the peace and silence of a life away from the Nairobi chaos.

Then there is Athi River SGR and the future development of the commuter railway station that is to help commuters travel between Kitengela and Nairobi with ease. And finally, the construction of Isinya Pipeline road offers both an investment opportunity and accessibility in and out of Kitengela.

2. Social amenities

Kitengela as a town has all the major banks like Equity bank Kenya, KCB, Cooperative bank and many more. It has a chain of different supermarkets offering you better customer experience, it has two police posts that ensure maximum protection of the public. It also has satellite hubs for online shopping including Jumia and Kilimall offering both pick up station services and home delivery. Kitengela has several health facilities including the Nairobi Women Hospital.

3. Education

Kitengela town has many schools and universities among them; Thorn Grove Schools, Lakewood Emerald School, Kauti academy Primary school, Orchard schools, Nova Pioneer school, Chuna preparatory school and Acacia crest located near our Royal Gates homes for sale.

Some of the universities and colleges available include; Kitengela Institute of Management Studies, KAG East University, International Leadership university Kitengela campus, East African University and many more.

4. Family fun and entertainment

Needless to say, Kitengela is close to Nairobi National park and hosts the Kitengela Game Conservation Area. With these, weekends will never be the same again !

Families can also visit the locally available children fun joints such as; Infinite Fun Game Hub, GMC Place, Funland Amusement Park among others. These are fun-filled children parks.

For adults and those who enjoy the nightlife, Kitengela has you covered with unique entertainment joints and restaurants. Among many more, these include; Club 034, Pavilion XV lounge, Avarlone Lounge, Halcyon Lounge. The restaurants serve the best ‘Nyama choma’ which Kitengela is known for. These include; Enkare, Yukos, Arusha Meat Den and many more.

5. Cost of living

The cost of living in Kitengela is comparatively low allowing families to plan out their life comfortably.

We know Kitengela and we know you will love it here. Our Royal Gates houses, now selling, are a perfect opportunity for you to get to know Kitengela better and why you should live here. Not convinced yet, that’s okay, book a show house viewing at Royal Gates and let our experts answer all your questions.

Recreational spaces and facilities in Kitengela

With two amazing housing projects in Kitengela, first the sold out Royal Finesse and now Royal Gates Kitengela – we like to believe we know Kitengela better than most people would ever claim. Whether you have just bought your Royal Gates home, just visiting or are new in Kitengela, knowing the social spaces for fun and entertainment can come in really handy. Read on to find out some of the best places to relax and unwind in and around Kitengela.

  1. Swimming

Are you a family that loves bonding while swimming? Or do you enjoy swimming with friends as you catch up? Well Kitengela is not short of places you can have a great afternoon swim or whichever time you prefer. Swimming is offered both in hotels and kids amusement parks. Some of the hotels include; Rosewall, Kaputiei Safariland hotel, Galaxy hotel, Sandalwood hotels, and many more. Amusement parks include; GMC place, among others.

2. Fast foods and cocktails

Kitengela hosts several joints that offer the best fast foods, from pizzas to burgers and accompaniments such as milkshakes. This is a great opportunity to eat out every once in a while with the kids as you enjoy the convenience Kitengela has to offer. Fast food joints in Kitengela include; Pizza Inn, Chicken Inn, Creamy Inn located next to Rubis Petrol station, formerly Kobil petrol station.

3. Kitengela mall

Kitengela mall is a host to various brands for shopping, eating out, strolling and just chilling. The famous Artcaffe is situated in the mall, Baus optical, Naivas supermarket among other big brands.

4. Scoops Ke and Su Cakes and Dusty grill

These are located in Yukos along Namanga Road, serving cakes, milkshakes, ice cream, cocktails, burgers, pizzas, and fast food. They also offer an ambient environment for a chill spot.

5. Wildlife

Kitengela offers three great places for you to watch and enjoy with family among wildlife and nature; Kitengela Game Conservation Area, home to the Maasai giraffe, tortoise, warthog, zebra, and many more wild animals. Nairobi National Park, located approximately 28km away from Kitengela, is the only park next to a city in the world. It is also home to a large number of wild animals. In the outskirts of Kitengela is the Maasai Ostrich Farm, a home for ostriches where you can get ostrich rides and delicious meals as you enjoy the day.

6. Nightlife and partying

Kitengela has the hottest, latest clubs in the city and located conveniently allowing you to hop from one club to another as the night drags on. The clubs are located in the Yukos area.

They include; Club Enkare known for its rhumba music and nyama choma, Pavillion XV lounge, Halcyon bar & grill and lastly, Club 034.

7. Road trip

There are really few things more beautiful than slow music, a smooth ride and your family in the same car as you cruise along a quiet road enjoying the beautiful scenery. Namanga Road is one of the finest roads to have a road trip on since you can go up to Namanga town, the Kenya – Tanzania border town. It only takes two hours. Along the road, there is nothing but great beauty and a nice time.

8. Kids fun

Kitengela town has great destinations that offer great fun activities for kids such as trampolines, bouncing castles, small car rides, swimming, curassow and swings. Other facilities offer video games for the kids and sometimes young adults.

These joints include; Funland Amusement Park, Infinite Fun game Hub, GMC Fun Place and Olympus Game Hub.

9. Honourable mentions

Some honourable mentions are the numerous hotels and resorts in and around Kitengela like Nkasiri Adventure Park, Green Lounge, Hotel Nomad Kitengela, 67 Athi hotel, Wammys hotel, Leleshwa getaway and Galaxy resort. There is also the Kitengela Market, where you can do your shopping for fresh produce and get to experience the best of what Kitengela has to offer. In the outskirts of Kitengela just 25km in Kisaju is Fred’s ranch, owned by the famous Radio personality Fred Machoka. You get to experience the whole ranch life in the presence of cowboys and girls.

Kitengela is the place to be, and Royal Gates in Kitengela gives you the opportunity to be apart of this vibrant modern community. A place to call home.

Understanding Mortgage when buying property in Kenya

Lean in and let us help you understand the way mortgages work, what mortgages are, and how they can help you acquire property, be it land, a home, or construction of one. We will delve into each aspect of the mortgage for your understanding because at Cheriez Properties we pride ourselves with providing our customers as much information as possible before they make their purchase decision of our Royal Gates Kitengela Homes.

To many, the mortgage is a term that comes with its share of difficulties, but we will share everything you need to know about it when it comes to buying properties and housing financing in Kenya. Let’s begin.

But first, the definition.

What is a mortgage?

A mortgage is a debt or loan from financial institutions like banks where the property you are buying is the collateral. The property you are buying is the security for the loan offered by the bank. The loan is offered at interest and gives you ownership of the property once approved and paid to the property owner.

The mortgage covers these two areas, equity, the part you own from the down payment you made, and as you start financing the loan offered by the lender each month. The other part is the debt, which the financial institution owns and paid by you. This part is what you pay to reduce to own the property entirely. The more debt you pay, the more equity you own hence the more of the property you own. You own a piece of the property every other time you pay the monthly payments.

In Kenya, we have two common types of mortgages that are widely used according to what you as a buyer feels is okay with you. These are classified according to the interest rate paid and the time of repayment of the loan you were offered.

Types of mortgages in Kenya

The two types of mortgages used in Kenya are as follows:

  1. Fixed-rate mortgages (FRM)

The interest is calculated and fixed throughout the repayment period in this type. The amount does not change during this repayment period. It is considered expensive because you can lock yourself in a higher interest rate when the trend in the market is falling. It is also the safest.

Fixed-rate mortgages are divided into two according to the repayment period:

a) 30 Years FRM

The interest rate remains the same for 30 years in which the loan is repaid. This type is affordable compared to short-termed mortgages as the monthly payment percentages are small. This is due to the length of repayment time being longer. On the other hand, the interest rate is higher than short-termed since the lender covers themselves for a more extended repayment period.

b) 15 Years FRM

This is similar to the 30 years FRM though the loan is paid quicker than the 30 years FRM. The interest rate is lower than the long-termed mortgages due to the short time. The monthly payment percentages are higher than long-termed mortgages to cover the short repayment period.

2. Adjustable-rate mortgages (ARM)

This is the typical type of mortgage—the interest rate changes with the trends in the credit market. The changes are noticed in the repayment rates. According to the market-leading to high repayment or low repayment rates, the interest rate goes up or down. The rate is adjusted at a specified time and frequency. It can be lower than FRM during a limited time, but it changes with market trends.

ARM comes in two types, as discussed below:

a) Hybrid ARM

This is a mix of FRM and ARM for a specified time, adjusting accordingly. For example, you can pay a fixed interest for the first five years or so then the interest rate is adjusted after that according to the trend in the credit market.

b) Interest-only ARM

This allows the buyer to pay interest only for a certain period without paying the principal mortgage. After the specified time elapses, the rate adjusts accordingly, and the buyer pays the loan as required.

By now you have an idea of what a mortgage is and what to go for to finance your purchase of a home.

A mortgage financing option is available to help you purchase a home at Royal Gates Kitengela – with just a 20% deposit. Talk to us today for more detailed information on how to go about it.

5 Things to Consider when buying a Family Home

Purchasing a family home requires you to do some homework to make sure you get the best for your family. Being a long term commitment, it is important to have in mind what you need in order to get what works well for you without compromising anything.

There are many factors to consider when purchasing a family home, but here is what we reckon should be at the top of your list;

  1. Size of the plot/land

Different family homes are built on varying sizes of land which really depends on what the developer intended to achieve. A ‘bigger size’ is relative from person to person, but a decent enough size is always better as it gives sufficient outdoor space for kids’ playground around the house, a home garden if you are into flowers or home-grown vegetables and of course more parking area.

Royal Gates Kitengela offers a private garden for your family with spacious parking for two.

2. Number of bedrooms and bathrooms

In contemporary homes, the number of bathrooms is mostly almost equal to the number of bedrooms allowing for privacy and convenience for members and visitors. The higher the number, the desirable the home. Comfort should be at the top of the list when in the market for a family home. Your kids may need their bedrooms, a separate guest bedroom always comes in handy during the holidays, and a master bedroom for you works well to ensure comfort.

Royal Gates Kitengela has four bedrooms with a detached SQ making it the idle family home.

3. Kitchen Layout

The kitchen is the heart of the home, no doubt. This dictates that you find a home with a kitchen that has a modern touch and is spacious enough to host family and friends seamlessly.

The kitchen layout is affected by the size, the number of sinks and their design, and the storage cabinets. A kitchen that comes with modern appliances is even better.

Cheriez Properties has ensured the Kitchen at Royal Gates homes is fully fitted kitchen.

4. The price

This is an essential aspect. It covers the cost of the home to the financing options available and/or accepted when you’re actually acquiring the house. Affordable homes with the finest features ensure you get value for your money.

You can own a Royal Gates home in Kitengela with just a 20% deposit.

5. Location

Location is an important factor when looking for a family home. A good family home location should align with ,any thing but more so; access to your workplace, access to schools, and other social amenities. Traffic in and out of the area should also be an important consideration. Depending on your choice, the location can also be at the development entrance or further into the development.

Royal Gates Kitengela has been developed in a location that checks all the above boxes. We have great schools, hospitals, and shopping supermarkets nearby. It allows easy access to Nairobi CBD via the almost done Nairobi expressway, the Athi River SGR, and Mombasa road.

7 Reasons why Owning a Home is better than Renting

Picture this; a well-manicured playground where kids are playing, you as the father, are seated outside, absorbing the much-needed sunlight going through your favorite newspaper with a glass of juice to quench your thirst by the table. It is your off day, and you have to be with family. Your better half is somewhere in the house sorting through the mess of the week, making sure everyone is sorted for the coming week. They will step out and be by your side for a heart to heart as the sun sets on the horizon.

We at Cheriez Properties cherish that quality family time, making sure our homes are family-oriented and cater fully to each family’s needs accordingly. Royal Gates Kitengela provides houses for sale that are affordable and able to cater to your family’s needs.

Renting a home for your family can be enticing and convenient, but in the long run, it becomes expensive and limiting in some ways compared to owning your home. Owning your own home gives you a chance to breathe your personality into it and make it into your desired home.

As such, here are seven reasons why owning your home is more significant compared to renting one:

  1. Privacy

Your home gives you a chance to lead your life in privacy compared to renting one where everyone is everywhere, and everything is shared with everyone. In this sense, it is an opportunity to be creative with the available space such that even in this pandemic era, you can have a home office. Privacy comes with peace of mind. It allows you to do your own thing without worrying how it will augur with the neighbors.

2. Great investment

Compared to other big purchases like a car, a home appreciates over time, offering you an investment in a way. Something you will not get while renting. Renting becomes a liability in this sense as owning becomes an asset that may also pass down to your children.

3. Freedom to remake and remodel the home

When you own a home, you have an opportunity in your hands to create a home that you have always desired without consulting anyone or awaiting approval from somebody else. The changes you make may be as simple as painting the whole house fresh or remodeling all the bathrooms in the house hence increasing the property’s value. Renting limits, any changes you make may later eat into your deposit since the owner will want you to leave their house in the condition you found it.

4. Tax reliefs

In the early years of repayment, the monthly interest rates will be deducted from your tax returns at the end of the fiscal year, which may be remitted to your account upon request by you as the owner of the property. For more information on this, get in touch with your accountant.

5. Creating equity

Equity is the value of your property when you subtract the debt you pay to own the property. This means that the longer you hold the home, the more mortgage you will pay and increase the property’s equity in general. This buildup of equity goes on as years pass by.

6. Pride of ownership

Owning your home gives you that sense of pride and, at the same time offering peace of mind. It also gives you a chance to be part of the community among other homeowners within your vicinity. It gives you a chance to know local service providers like firefighters, garbage collectors, plumbers, and many more. This sense of community gives you a chance to make tangible changes that improve the quality of life by providing ideas and airing your opinions.

7. Stability

Your own home gives you stability. You understand that the house will always be your home unless you decide. You will not come back after work one day, and the landlord announces that you have one month to vacate the premises since he wants to make changes. It gives you a home ground where you unwind after a long day, make memories and raise your kids as you enjoy family time together.

Owning one of the Royal Gates houses for sale gives you a chance at many financing options available, and you can own a house with just a 20% deposit. This is a step towards you owning your home.

These and several other reasons that you will learn as you embark on a journey to own your dream home are the advantages of owning a home rather than renting. Cheriez Properties is more than happy to help you on the journey of owning your own home, making your dream come true.

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