How to search for property on the internet


Avoid websites that allow everyone and anyone to publish content. Only use websites that reserve their publishing rights to certified realtors and content creators. Over the years I have encountered many fraudsters that pose online as landlords yet in reality the only thing they own is their mortal soul!

When you call them (if you dare) they will always try to convince you to send them some money in order to secure the so called property that they claim has other interested parties. Never commit to anything that you are not able to nor permitted to see.

99% of the time you are probably setting yourself up to be a victim of a Ponzi scheme.






If you come across an offer that seems too good to be true, it probably is! Never waste your time pursuing a 4,000 KES one bedroom apartment along Ngong Road because no such thing exists! If you put two and two together you’ll always spot a con from a mile away, and pricing is a great give-away.

The second thing that you should look out for is blurry recycled images. If an image(s) is blurry, it means it’s been recycled a number of times across the internet and it’s not original!

Many companies that store data in the cloud (satellites) are very cautious to preserve space. And it’s for this reason that that they incorporate data compressing software and AI’s in their servers.

For instance, if you share an image with a friend via WhatsApp it will automatically lose a small chunk of quality. And if that friend downloads it and forwards it to someone else, the quality will continue to greatly deteriorate! Here is an example of a low quality image.



 The filter is a great tool that will help you zero in on your desired property and can turn a three hour activity into a three minute gig! Learn to use it, and you’ll enjoy house hunting.





Never register, sign-in or even visit websites that don’t have an SSL certificate.

Some of them may be owned by hackers who’ve encrypted their website to collect your data.

Part of what may be stolen is your credit/debit card information, email log in credentials and many more. Stay clear of such!

If you see a warning such as the one below, immediately delete the tab and blacklist the website!


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