New homes vs Old Homes

By Rosalind Sabari

Alright, so after years of saving up, you finally have enough money to buy your first home. A home that you can finally call your own in public. A home that comes with the ever revered title deed in hand. As a matter of fact, the last time you held any honorary piece of paper was when you were receiving your diploma or degree certificate from your local college. But your big moment has now come. Your wife/husband is excited, and possibly even your children.


To make it even better your agent has you spoiled for options. He informs you that there is a brand new 4 bedroom house at the recently completed Royal Gates Estate and that it’s ready for immediate occupation at just 14.9 million.

The news brings up joy in your eyes especially when you hear that it is located on the high end of Kitengela, just thirty minutes away from where you work!!!

A few seconds later he brings up another client of his that’s selling a six bedroom mansion for just 12 million Kenyan currency. What! That’s a crazy offer right? 6 bedrooms, think about that. It’s probably too good to be true but yet, it is! So now the question is, what should you opt for?

Should you buy a brand new house for 14.9 million or should you go for the old home that’s up for sale?

Well, that’s where I come in, I, the greatest real estate guru of all time! NO cap, I’m not even bragging, I’m just being real with you!  : )


So anyway, back to serious business. Here’s my advice to you, screw the old home, get yourself a new one. Who am I even kidding, we live in Africa!! So anytime you are buying a home from someone else there is a high chance you are buying a house with malevolent activity. I mean, who knows, maybe the former owners died in there and their spirits now haunt the place day and night. Or maybe they practiced witchcraft and all the evil spirits that once cuddled with them are still there waiting for you to get in bed, haha. By now you are probably scared so I’ll just come clean and tell you that I’m pulling your leg.

The main reason you would want to overlook any old home is the fact that it already has a personality that’s attached to it. If it’s not the scent in the air, it’s the random modifications that the former owners made in the attic or living room area. It’s the same reason why family’s that seek to adopt a child often lean towards infants as opposed to teenagers. They’d rather have a baby that they can shape to their own liking. Wouldn’t you rather do the same with your own home?

I think my work is done here, you now know what to go for. So at the end of the day you’ll either be walking into a house that has bright colors and the smell of fresh paint all over the place, or tiny chips and cracks all over the ceiling. The choice remains to be yours. But either way, whatever way you choose to lean, do send me an email later on and let me in on your experience. Who knows you just might change my mind.