Top 5 Most Affordable Areas to Build/Buy Property in Nairobi Kenya

Top 5 Most Affordable Areas to Build/Buy Property in Nairobi Kenya
By Rosalind Sabari


Kitengela is a plain in Kenya and is located south of the capital Nairobi. Chances are, if you are a Kenyan citizen then at some point you either traversed through the streets of Kitengela or at the very least you have heard someone bring it up in a conversation. And there is good reason for this, current estimates show that Kitengela houses a staggering 58, 167 people, and the number is increasing with each day that goes by. Kenyans have realized that in a few years Kitengela will be rivaling the likes of Runda and kitusuru in regards to prestige, and as a result, major construction companies and hopeful Kenyans are quickly flooding into the region by the thousands. Are you one of them?

Hot Real Estate Projects in Kitengela
The biggest company to invest in Kitengela up to date is none other than Cheriez Properties. The company has built over 300 maisonettes in the area and they have single handedly played a major role in the uptick of real estate projects within a 200 Kilometer radius of the area. They are known specifically for their beautiful design work and above all, affordable housing.
If I were you I would definitely spare some time to check out their most recent project, royal gates property. The estate has over 40 units of 4 bedroom maisonettes going for just fourteen million in pre-sales and nineteen million in after sales. If you are an over the top bargainer like myself I would suggest that you grab a unit while you can and bag yourself a four million discount. Also, let me go off the guard rails and expose a trending money making scheme that has been profiting many tycoons under the radar in Kenya. Imagine buying 5 units at Royal Gates during pre-sales season and pawning them off after completion for the price of nineteen million. You would effectively have made yourself a whopping 20 million without ever having to spend a single minute running around doing construction oversight.

PS, Don’t tell the big guy that I let you in on this. That’s a secret between me and you winkwink

The Royal Gates Property boasts the following features, a 4 Bedroom Ensuite + DSQ, Spacious Lounge, Fully fitted kitchens, Gypsum Ceiling Finish, SQ, Internet, Gym (Under Construction at the time of writing this article), Swimming Pool, Bathtub (Master Bedroom), Parking for Two, Private Garden, Balcony, In-Built Wardrobes, Solar Power systems, Centralized TV Port, Borehole, CCTV Cameras, Electric Fence, Perimeter Walls, Swimming Pool, Cabro Paved Driveway, Waste Water Recycling machines, Street lighting and Easy Public Transport Access. Not convincing enough? Check out the images below for inspiration :) For swift purchase of the property or to schedule a visit, do check in with the most kind hearted agent you’ll ever meet, Rosalind Sabari.

Popular schools in the Region
For parents or rather, future parents that are looking to move into the neighborhood, you can do so with a calm and collected mind, because Kitengela houses some of the most prestigious schools in the nation. I.e. Lakewood Emerald School and Kitengela International School just to name a few.

If you are part of the nocturnal society that loves to crawl out of the woodwork every Friday around 9:00pm for the occasional night out, you are equally sorted. Kitengela’s nightlife is just as vibrant as any other major cities in Kenya if not better. Kitengela boasts the likes of Club 411, Sun City and Friends Corner Pub Kitengela.

At Kitengela, you will never have to worry about dashing your loved ones miles on end just to receive medical attention. The area has some of the best hospitals and clinics in Kenya and you would be receiving top notch services and medication by going to any single one of them. The three that have garnered the attention of many are Kitengela Medical, Sucos Hospital and Karen Hospital Kitengela Branch.

Shopping Malls
Kitengela is equally well prepared to cater for your needs, be it basic house hold goods like television screens and couches or groceries. All of these can be found at Nini Mall, Brand Quarters Kitengela and Kitengela Capital Center


Okay, I’m just gonna go ahead and say it! It’s not a myth, Rongai is faaaaaar. Much further than Pluto and definetly waaaaaay further than your grandfathers receding hairline! That being said, if you can withstand the distance in-between CBD and Rongai, or rather, if you enjoy it, then you might just have found the right place for you!

Hot Real Estate in Rongai
Having set the record straight about Rongai, we can now delve into the heart of the matter guilt free, real estate! Land in Rongai is cheap, cheaper than Kitengela by a great margin. And there is a perfect explanation for this. The area has vast amounts of land that even the myriads of people that are moving in are yet to have a viable impact on asset value in the area. Because of this, buying a house or apartment in Rongai beats human logic.
Land is so cheap that you are better off buying a quarter acre and building your own three bedroom home for the small price of just twelve million. And here’s a shocker, that’s inclusive of labor and all other finances that I do not wish to touch on in this blog post. So, if you are looking to build rather than buy, Rongai is most likely the place for you.

Recreational Areas in Rongai
If you are considering a family, team building or couples day/night out, then Rongai is just the place for you. I am guilty of frequenting the area every now and then with my loved ones. And the following are some of the places that I love frequenting:
Ole Tepes & Ole Polos Country Club



Other Honorable Mentions
The following are other honorable mentions that are worth checking out other than Kitengela and Rongai.





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