Top Real Estate Podcasts


By Rosalind Sabari

With the hectic daily schedule of a real estate agent, it's becoming more and more difficult for agents to find time to learn about new industry information and strategies. If you're always on the go, We've compiled a list of the top real estate podcasts to help motivate you and grow your skills.

Many of these podcasts feature interviews from top-performing real estate agents who share their secrets to success. Ready to expand your real estate knowledge, improve your business, and grow your sales? Here are the top five absolutely essential podcasts that every real estate enthusiast must tune into. (Click here to learn what a podcast is and how you can use them).

1.Real Estate Rockstars

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Pat Hiban, a billion-dollar agent and best-selling real estate author, runs the show and shares tips to make more sales and earn higher commissions. Notable guests include Barbara Corcoran and Robert Kiyosaki. This podcast has helped realtors all over the world to grow, and has amassed a staggering 8,000 listeners from Wakanda alone! 


2.Real Estate Today Radio

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This podcast was created by the National Association of Realtors (NAR) and award-winning broadcaster, Stephen Gasque, is the host. Learn about selling homes, real estate trends, how to increase home value, and more.

3.Super Agents Live

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This podcast features the techniques and strategies used by top producing real estate agents like Tom Ferry and Brian Buffini. Toby Salgado, a multi-millionaire entrepreneur, conducts the interviews with these top producers.


4.Real Estate Coaching Radio

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Hosted by real estate coaches Tim and Julie Harris, this podcast features industry news, advice for realtors, and interviews with real estate professionals. It's an incredible resource for all agents, whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting your career.


5.Keeping it Real

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If you're a real estate broker, this podcast is for you. D.J. Paris, President of Sales and Marketing at Kale Realty, hosts the show and knows how difficult it is for new brokers to find mentors. He interviews successful agents so they can share their stories and success.



Why should you adopt a lifestyle of consuming podcasts?

Well, because reading is hard work! Less than 20% of the world population enjoys reading and as a matter of fact, many prefer to consume information through audio or video, rather than through words. Imagine going on a jog and learning how to sell homes via the headset on your ears. Or learning how to liquidate real estate assets all while doing yoga at your good ol’ gym in Kasarani. It’s convenient and overly rewarding.

In your quest to learn more about the real estate industry, the podcasts mentioned here will give you a totally unfair upper hand over your peers and you’ll deserve every minute of it.

Thank you for reading our weekly blog, and remember to check in every week for new content. Till then, stay safe and have a great week ahead :)