Managing Director
If a man can turn something he or she loves to do into a thriving business that supports their family and impacts the lives of many other families in a positive way, then they are truly blessed. Real estate had intrigued me for quite some time before the decision to pursue it professionally.

With insight from God, and the blessing of my family I embarked on the journey to bring to life my dream of building exquisite homes, that would transform the lives of all stakeholders that interacted with our products. Working on our projects has been a great journey and I have learnt that real estate is not just about building houses, but that quality service, products, integrity and relationships are equally important.

Over the years my consistent focus has been on quality and integrity in all facets of the company and now almost six years later our values still remain the same. I truly thank and appreciate the support of all our clients and stakeholders as much as I did when we sold our first unit in 2016.
  • Experience :
    30 Years

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